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Other advice So. Me and SO are getting the keys to our own place tomorrow. First time for us both and yeah it's exciting!
I had the appointment conformation email about a week ago and went from there. Most of my family knows, no big deal.
I got in (still living with mother) from being out today, she asks if I'm in work tomorrow to which I reply "No we're getting the keys tomorrow remember?" THEN... her answer is "I don't know, you don't f*****g tell me anything! I'm always the last to know! You take the f*****g p***!! I'm sick of it!" I then said that I'm not going down this road and I could have sworn I told her (seeing as most relatives know). She then carried on going crazy.
I kept my mouth shut as per, and she sneezed. No big deal right? She then says "BLESS ME, THANK-YOU!" SO I said bless you. Her reply "YOU WANNA WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK TO ME!"
My siblings came downstairs and she told them that I've p****d her off and she don't wanna take it out on them. HA. So I guess it's just me that's the emotional punch bag then?

Toxic mother

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Nope, it's not fair if you are always the emotional punch bag. But you did the right thing by trying not engage with her because it sounds like she was looking for an argument for some reason, maybe to make it easier for herself that you're moving out.

Don't actually know myself but I think parents find it hard when their kids move out, even if you do have other siblings living at home, it's still change and people don't always know how to deal with it or like it.

Sometimes it's best to let leave people alone, then go back to then and talk to the about it if you need to and if you think it's worth a try.

Sounds like you're ready to move out, so don't let this ruin your excitement.

If your relationship has always been like this with your mum then maybe it will get better and be different when your not under the same roof :-).

Toxic mother

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Thanks LILY31 :-)
I'm really not sure what to think about it to be fair and yeah it's always been this way really. I mean, I have siblings that want want want and get everything done for them without the bat of an eye, but I always seem to get it in the neck.
When my mum is down or having an episode (bipolar and not medicated anyways) I'm the first shoulder she'll cry on or ask advice to but at the same time I'm the one who gets the wrath. (N)
Maybe this is her way if freaking out because I'm actually moving but at the same time most parents would make it apparent that they will miss their child and wish them luck. I suppose it doesn't help that from 13 I've been the babysitter for my siblings for mother and step dad to please themselves. Then I've picked up the pieces 3 times while my step dad has gone to jail.
I don't know what to think of the way she acts. I'm just sick of feeling guilty for doing the things I should be. My one sibling lives in London, no argument there. My other sibling has kids that my mum looks after then complains about and my other sibling is going to Prague and no argument there. I can't even get my own life without it causing trouble.
I felt guilty today because I told her I was going to my new place to have a clean instead of going straight to hers.
Maybe it will get better.

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