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My partners mum has committed fraud on my partner

I have been with my partner for 3 years and over the last 6 months she has made me aware that her mum has taken out a credit card in her name (without her permission) and whenever my partner has received a present from her mum, on a birthday or Christmas, she has got them out on contract in my partners name without telling her. Her mums debts started at £2600 when we first found out and she has been paying £30 a week and has now decided to stop paying. There is currently £1800 left of the debt. My partners mum has previously been charged with fraud and has 3 children at home aged 16, 14 and 13. I obviously can't go to the police as she has a family and I don't want to be blamed for breaking a family up. She is only interested in seeing our daughter who is almost 2 and I don't want her to see my daughter but I can't use her as a weapon. My partners mum told my partner that she, and I quote "want nothing to do with you and we are done", all because we want her to stand up and face her consequences. I don't know what to do and this is having a massive impact on my sleep, my health, my stress and my partners stress and health. It hurts to know a woman could do this to her daughter and happily let her daughter swim in debt that isn't even hers and it hurts even more to think that here is no way of winning this situation. Please can someone give me some advice cause I'm losing the plot here.

My partners mum has committed fraud on my partner

Good grief. Her own daughter. The woman is obviously without a conscience. It's called financial abuse. As well as fraud. I advise you and your partner to book a free consultation with a litigation solicitor to learn all of your options other than pursuing an actual civil court action. Had that occurred to you? I'm not surprised you don't want her influence on your daughter - neither would I or *anyone* sane! How does she treat her other three children (bar this, I mean)? And why isn't *she* concerned about risking breaking up her family through *her* illegal actions and the fact she has 'previous', meaning, custodial sentence or considerable fine for second offence inevitable? Her total lack of concern on that score and willingness to take such a high risk speaks volumes, methinks. Don't you? Perhaps they'd be better off without her. It's not your job to preserve her family. It's hers. Does that help?

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