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My story... it was 5 yrs ago. Life's wonderful

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Relationship advice Hi All,
It was 5 years, 3 months and 5 days ago, the hardest 6 months of my life.

I heard the "I want D" from my wife, and it was huge, big shock! There were stressful situations preceeding this time... but never thought it will reach this point!

Yes, we were arguing, and a lot lately, but this was still shocking - I couldn't gather back, took me a day to realize that she meant it !

After all, we were sweethearts of all our friends just 3 yrs back, what went wrong?!

After that...she started dating someone....and i moved out to different house.. all that happened in 3 months time after we separated! Call it rebound!

It was too much for me to handle at the time... shocking... heavy!

I had the 'usual horrible' ride of feeling angry..guilty...and whole bunch of emotions for a long time. I wanted to save the marriage ... tried everything i can to convince her to rethink...and what not... whole lot of stuff... but no avail for almost 2 months !

And then a friend introduced me to one of his "guide"/"mentor"! He turned out to be the messenger from GOD! His advice did the trick! I could gather back myself in quick time... and could work on myself..and then could turn around the whole situation on its head.

Started seeing immediate change in her behavior and then some more.. it was encouraging... for me to continue to act on the advice...< >> and..... one day, out of blue (it was 5 months after the D word!), I heard the knock on the door.. it was her... crying and sorry and sorry and all!

Finally the message was taken in. She made up her mind to be back.

We got back.. and it was hard..very hard at first... but slowly we worked through it. I saw my part..she saw hers..and we started rebuilding from where we left off with the lessons and resolve to never fall back in that mess ever again!

Was it worth? Hell yeah! We went against the whole damn world to get married in first place... and then we messed it I believed that we owed to ourselves and everybody who loved us to give it the chance it deserved.

5 yrs down the time.. and I look back.. and I can tell you, every moment of it was worth it!

We moved to different country altogether.. i got my computers business started... we now have 2 beautiful kids..4 & 2... joy of our lives! we did a lots of travelling too!

So guys, and gals...those who are in despair.. don't give in.. don't give in to your emotions... its temporary... the pain.. its temporary.. come out of it and take control of life... i know it feels like hell... but the hell and back makes u stronger....

Take my word for it!

I still have those notes... in my own cryptic words.. in excel. I will be happy to share if anyone wants those. Pls let me know where to send the excel file!

My story... it was 5 yrs ago. Life's wonderful

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Beatiful story!I am so happy for you guys, that you managed to overcome your problems. I believe that issues always rise, the point is how we deal with them and how we manage to overcome them. And sometimes the other person is hard to reach. Honestly,you did such a good thing by sharing this. I for one want your notes, people's real life experiences are the best teachers. I am actually thinking to take psychology in the university.

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