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Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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Relationship advice After 1 year of no contact, i decided to return back to my ex-GF.
We had a clean breakup so no bad feelings left.

We started talking again, She was very pleased to hear again from me.
Mainly she said that she will be happy if we will start seeing each other again and she want for us to be together.
I could definitely hear the joy in her voice when we spoke so I do think she was very sincere with me,
But as she was busy with her finals, she asked me to wait for her to finish them before we will start dating again.
I respected her request and stopped talking with her, as she was focusing on her studies and I distracted her. (IMO)
1 month has passed and her finals should be over, I decided to send her a text asking how is she doing.
But she just read the message (Whatsapp) and ignored me. Now it is 1 week later and still no reply.

If considering the fact she said- She do want for us to start dating again.
Why did she acted in this way?
Should i give her more time and wait for her to reply me?
Or should i just ask her why is she ignoring me? (Explaining why i stopped talking to her, in case she did not understood it)
Or should i call her? asking how is she doing and etc. (if she will answer me)

I love her.
And i am not about to give up that easily with out her shutting the door for me.
Until she said No. all the other options are open.
And trust me that she can say No. if she is not interested in me.

Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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You dropped the suggestion, she said OK. NOW it is up to you to make that happen.

Ask her out on a real,live date - you know, the kind you take her out for dinner, a show or walk.

You have a lot to talk about. She is not the same gal you went with last year. Things have changed. She has not been waiting around for you.

Don't talk about "love" - just tell her you miss her and would like to re-connect.

Easy does it!

Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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All what you have said, i understand.
And this exactly as i am acting.

I know that she is a different person but i want to date her from the start again and see what will happen.
Every thing is open. and i am expecting her to love me or to hate me.

The problem is why is she ignoring me? and what can i do with it?
I sent her another text asking to tell me is some thing happened since we last spoke and i want to see her.
now i will wait and see what will happen.

Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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That's kind of odd, Voltrex31. I'm not sure why she hasn't gotten back to you. It's been a week and a few days now. Did she respond since you texted her again? In all, it sounds like it's been over 5 weeks since you two last talked.

You mention she is "a different person" (from yourself) - in what ways? And, did you two know each other in person before or was this an online thing?

She could be waiting around to hear the results of the finals, or maybe had other school work to do after the finals. I know from dating a few girls who went to college or worked a lot over the last couple of years, I came to realize that they are often busy constantly and don't get a lot of free time.

If she isn't interested in you, I don't know why she would have led you on like that. Maybe there was just a misunderstanding on your part - is it possible you interpreted the things she said in a different way, rather than taking them at face value? Girls do lead guys on sometimes. But sometimes they are just trying to be friendly and polite, but you might mistake their kindness for something more.

Well, like SusieDQQ said up above, I would highly advise against telling this girl you love her right now. She has a lot of other things on her mind with school/college, and it's hard to say why she hasn't responded. Just take baby steps towards reconnecting with one another, and see if you two click again!

Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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I did sent her a text asking why is she ignoring me now, and if something did change i wish she will tell me.
She did texted back saying, she was thinking about us and it is not a good time for a relationship for her right now.
which is a lie. either she met another guy, either she doesn't want to be with me.

It really broke me.
I texted back saying that i wish i said her i love her a long time ago.
But now it is pointless cause she is not feeling the same way about me.
and she is very special girl for me.
She read it and did not reply at all.

This is over.

PS> every thing i wrote about what she said to me was word by word her words.

Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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Hey Volt, well I'm sorry to hear that.

There's any number of reasons why this girl decided now is not a good time to date. Could be she met someone else, could be she doesn't want to be with you. But it could also be that she is overwhelmed with school work, and wants to focus on her career. Or something else entirely.

The other week I went on a date with a girl, after talking to her for a couple of months, daily. She often mentioned how other guys would talk to her for a while, and then finally stop, and she kept telling me she hoped I wouldn't do that. We go on the date. She is texting people on her phone half of the time, and seems rushy. Despite her earlier suggestion that we might hang out and watch movies, she never brings up this offer again during the date. For a few weeks now since the date, she has pretty much stopped texting me.

I'm getting to be an older guy now, so maybe I'm starting to get immune to this kind of bs. You can only really take so much rejection until finally, you only have so much time to give to a new relationship possibility before you give up and move on. And really, it's not worth sacrificing your time, energy and feelings for other people when you could spend your time enjoying hobbies and things you like, and live a happy life on your own terms. You should be able to pretty much be yourself and like the things you like, and meet someone who doesn't look at you like you're some project they need to work on.

And one other thing. "Very special girl"'s are a dime a dozen. You will meet many women throughout your life who seem special, at least initially. Nobody is better than anybody else, we're all equal. You will eventually meet someone who is actually probably better (for you) in every way.

Ex GF ignoring me again and I have no idea why and what to do

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I have dated many girls, after seeing all the BS the girls tried to feed me, i also got immune to it.
As soon as the girl start playing games, i usually cut the connection and got that numb feeling in my heart.
That it is not meant to happened.

But she is the one my heart wanted her. loved her. cared for her.
I can explain it, understand it, i can't stop it.
I know i love her and i can't have her.

What ever the reason she doesn't want to be with me is irrelevant, if she loved me then she would do anything to be with me.

I am only confused why at first she was so eager to hear from me but then kicked me so hard, so painfully.

But is think this is really over this time.
I can't send her another text and she will probably ignore it anyway.

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