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What happened to my life?

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Emotional advice I just typed a whole thing and it got deleted because it said I didn't fill out all 4 things which I did. So I'm angry right now and I have to just summarize.

- My life used to be good, I had great friends and played video games I enjoyed, and did things I enjoyed.

- Life is terrible now, I cannot seem to get joy from any experience. No video games, activity, hang out with friends, or special event gets me excited. I feel miserable. I can hardly get out of bed.

- I have great grades and great act scores.

- All anyone wants to do is talk to me about college I want to go to/grades and I hate that

- People keep giving off the vibe that they are better than me

- I get no respect whatsoever despite having several accomplishments and acting normal

Feel free to ask me to elaborate, I just don't feel like retyping everything atm.

What happened to my life?

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Wow - reality gets in the way, doesnt it?

Life is not video games and pizza and friends.

You sound like you resent being asked to grow up.

What happened to my life?

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"What happened to my life?"

Well, with all due respect, your life is still pretty early on yet.

Look, I know that expecting a kid to sit through 13 years of school and then make drastic decisions about education for their future is a tough pill to swallow. But I guess you're at that point in your life right now where this is going to come up. So make the best decisions you can make for now, try to figure out what the next step is for yourself. And know that high school will eventually end, and be replaced with new responsibilities. As well as new freedoms.

This point in your life will eventually become a distant memory, and the following years will just keep going by until, before you know it, you've been out of school for 10 years and are struggling with other things.

Just make sure you go to an affordable college, and go for something you could use on a job resume. Don't get yourself into something and have it become an added burden.

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