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Is he still in love with his ex girlfriend?

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Relationship advice They were together for 2 years and they haven't really had a no contact period. Well, she stopped talking to him for two months and when she hit him up when she visited town he lashed out at her and said "You haven't talked to me in two months! What if I was in the hospital?!" Then proceeded hanging out with her.

They got drinks and he asked her if she wanted to see his dad? I also found out he took her to his mothers house and before all this happened he kept all of her things she left behind like her little nightstand, her lamp, and her clothes. Her nightstand is by his bed and her lamp is in his room as well. It's been a year now since they have broken up to. So back to what I was saying, they got drinks and he confessed that he was talking to someone (me) but he didn't say my name at all all he said was that he "didn't like me and NEVER wanted to talk to me" he was drinking when he said this and he also told her he is still in love with her and still loves her he did not give any details about me whatsoever. After that he took her back to her hotel and she asked to kiss him and he said yea so they made out. Then after that he texted her Goodmorning (after he said what he said)

Is he still in love with his ex girlfriend?

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That sounds like a really dependency relationship. If they behave like that, they haven't really ended up the relationship.

You can keep being friends with you ex, but it's rarely something that close.

I see those lines very blurry, nevertheless it's very clear that they are just arranging schedules and fine tuning the relationship.

Regarding that "didn't like me and NEVER wanted to talk to me" comment... Back at my home country, they say that "Kids and drunkards never lie". Please don't hurt yourself by relying on a guy like that. He will fall in and out several times until the finally decide to go on or completely stop their "thing".

Wave him goodbye and part way to better places and people!

I hope this helps you.

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