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What do you think of my embarrassing naked story?

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When I was 13 I went to a girls camp. We sometimes went skinny dipping in the lake. The counselors didn't mind us doing so.

One day I was skinny dipping with my friends Maria and Laura. We swam much further away from the camp than we were allowed to. We eventually got caught in some bad currents and Maria nearly drowned. Luckily I pulled her out of the water and onto the shore.

Maria was unconscious when we pulled her out of the water. She still had a pulse though and was still breathing, although very slowly. It was obvious she needed immediate help.

Rather than being on the shore of the camp we were on the shore of a nearby town. It was obvious Maria needed 911 help, but we didn't have cell phones with us since we had just been swimming. So I ran into town completely naked to ask for a phone. Laura stayed with Maria at the side of the river to make sure she was doing okay.

I knocked at 5 doors and nobody answered. At 2 or 3 of the houses people went to the window to see who was knocking, but decided not to answer once they saw a naked pubescent girl at the door. Eventually I saw a husband and wife, from a family named the Heffernans, walking a dog. They asked me why I was naked. I then explained what had happened.

So I walked with the husband and wife to the riverside where Maria and Laura were. Laura reported that Maria was breathing better and was now conscious, although just barely. Mr. Heffernan was good at CPR, so he helped her to cough up some water. Then the Heffernans used their cell phones to call an ambulance. The ambulance took about 6 minutes to arrive. I explained to the ambulance what the problem was and why we were naked. Laura and I (and the doctors) had to help Maria get on the ambulance since she was so weak.

When that was done the Heffernans offered to drive Laura and I back to camp. We could have swum back to camp, but we were too tired (emotionally and physically) to try doing so. We walked to their house, which was about 3 blocks away. Laura and I kept asking the Heffernans to move faster since we were naked and the whole neighborhood could see our private parts. After we got to the Heffernan's house, they drove us back to camp.

Maria was released from the hospital the next day.

People seeing me naked was pretty mortifying but saving Maria was more important.

What do you think of my embarrassing naked story?

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You are right and did the right thing!

Great story to tell your grandkids.

What do you think of my embarrassing naked story?

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Embarrassing you say?

I see a hero's story here! You, my young lady are a true hero and a true friend! I wish there were more people like you on this World, more busy saving lives than talking about others.

God bless you!

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