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Jobs for the anxiety, depressed, and claustrophobic people

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Im not sure if anyone will be able to gelp me with this or not. All i know is that i have asked everyo e i know that might be will i g or able to help and no one seems to be able to, so i thought i might be avle to get some input from an online help forum.
I need to find online work. I have very bad social anxiety and depression and claustrophobia. I do work some but its for my dad and the truth is he doesnt pay me as much as he should, but thats for another post.i have the deaire to work and im not affraid to work hard. I just cant seem to find work online work that isnt a scam.

I need to be able to support myself because at the moment due to my bad financial situation i have been forced to live with my father. Im 40 years old, and live with my dad. So as a result i have little or no friends or boyfriends over which makes me want to withdraw more and makes me more depressed and also gives my mind free time to over think which leads to more anxiety and panic attacks.

I would like to be able to find a job that i could spend that time working on rather than overthinking and i would lime to make extra money since i dont make much now, so that i can afford a house that i can rent out. And eventually have enough rent houses to make a living and buy my own place and support myself.

Because of my anxiety, depression and claustrophobia if i even try to get a regular job i have panic attacks and cant do the job or cant even sit through an interview.

I have do e so many web searches and even if i do find a website to make money with its litterally just pennies or less a day for a lot of time spent.

I do t have very many skills, but i can usually write well. Im affraid this post is not a good example, but i feel close to a panic attack at the moment, so that doesnt help. I have never writtwnan article onli e or anything like that, but ive always enjoyed writing and teachers and other people have commented on how good i am at writing. Ive looked for freelance writing jobs, but most want samples of previous writings. So i dont have amytging to show them and cant even get past the application process.

Please help me with any advice that you may have. Im so frustrated and sick and tired of this rut that i cant seem to get out of.

Jobs for the anxiety, depressed, and claustrophobic people

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life is not always bed of roses, thats the first thing i want u to know. yes you might think that life has not been fair to you, its true life has never been fair even to the richest people on earth you can ask them.
you mentioned anxiety, depression, claustrophobia, and panic as your main foes. its a nice step because u have recognized your troubles. you need a therapist visit one or get online helps from you-tube, inspirational videos they do help.
your article is good but always try to read your message all over again to correct your errors.

Jobs for the anxiety, depressed, and claustrophobic people

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Hi MSS2271,

Well I'm going to be honest with you. At 40 years old, you have to realize nothing in life is easy, and that you have missed out on years worth of experience that would serve you well right now in your current predicament. One thing you've got to realize is that our human existence is not entirely fair and you do have to make sacrifices, put up with discomfort and deal with adversity just about every day.

I haven't accomplished anything too important in my nearly 30 years of living, but I have managed to stay employed pretty constantly for the past decade. I've held my current job for almost 5 years. I am by no means an expert or the best worker at my job, but I've earned my share of recognition for doing my part each day and doing the best I can, which sometimes means doing things that other people refuse to do. Upside is I get paid a bit more than most of my coworkers, downside is I am still not at a really respectable job and don't have much of a career to speak of yet. And I still feel from time to time like managers could just go on a witch hunt and get on my case and fire me for something stupid.

A perfect example of how most managers at jobs think? A brief conversation I overheard between two managers at my place of employ earlier today:

"Well.... He is a good guy." "Yeah, he is a good guy... But you know, 'good' guys aren't really what we need here!"

I don't really know what the managers were talking about, or who they were talking about. But I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with the statement. That's because I have experienced enough and worked around enough odd people that I am aware of how some people take advantage or just don't try hard enough to do their part at a job. It could be that the person in question is a good worker, but these managers want to squeeze more productivity out of them than is humanly possible. It could also be that the person in question is a friendly individual, but is not a good worker, or is simply not trying hard enough to meet the expectations of the job.

Anxiety, depression, etc etc. It is just one part of the hurdles you will face in joining the workforce. You have to overcome that sooner rather than later. I have talked to at least two young women in my life who have anxiety attacks and use that as an excuse for not being able to work. That is not a valid excuse in my honest opinion, it's people thinking they need special treatment when they don't realize that we all have personal struggles and we have to try our best to overcome them and focus on the job at hand.

You need money, you need to get a job, and start thinking positively and pro-actively rather than negatively and re-actively. You need to look at things like "I can do this, I am capable of more than I have been doing with myself." Rise to the occasion, and do what you need to do. You need to take each step and handle the adversity, because it is a part of everyday life.

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