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Need advice

I am a senior citizen. Due to finances we decided to live together. I feel like we have a business arrangement but he can't see it. I buy all the groceries, pay for all yard work, pay house cleaner. When we go on trip, short or long I pay my way. We fly to Mexico I pay my air fare, 1/2 hotel bill. Travel in USA I pay for hotel and food on trip. He pays for gas and it is rather cheap here. He pays nothing for me. I cook, clean house in between house keeper, do laundry, water all plants out side by hand. He sits as his desk on his computer or on phone texting. Yes I am also his lover. He is very financial well off. He hands money to his kids and grand kids and thinks nothing about it. This really hurts. Please tell me if I am being childish. Thank You.

Need advice

NO!! You are not being childish? How did you get into a situation where you are the main financial contributor to this union? Write up a budget listing the needed funds required to run the household. Then split it. Speak up!! You are draining your retirement funds by supporting this man, who can easily afford to kick in. (He does not seem to be a generous man or appreciative of all your work and efforts. Is he selfish in other areas of his life?)

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