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on Aug 19 2017 at 22:21
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Relationship advice Hi I'd like to remain anonymous I'm a female married to my husband for about 12 years now. I cheated alot on him in the past and yes he knows about it , I left him about four times ..... We're still together now he chose to stay with me and make our marriage work. We have two boys one is 8 and the other 2 months old, just recently had a baby. I'm not unfaithful to him anymore , I prayed hard to get rid of that feeling , I love my husband very much but now I'm suffering the consequences ......... At my last stage of pregnancy I found him talking to a woman who he's known since way before me , she dated one of his friends in the past , I saw messages between him and her she was calling him baby and they were sending kissy faces to each other. The second time I caught him messaging her again broke my heart


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on Aug 22 2017 at 12:55
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Have you talked to him about what you discovered? Doesn't sound like it.

Stop thinking of this as a 'pay back.'

Was your pregnancy a surprise?


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on Aug 23 2017 at 16:51
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Hello Unwanted,

IMO, there's not much to worry about. They guy proved to you that he wanted to be with you. Why would that change now?

I have several friends (girls) from back in the day and we call each other "honey", "love" and/or "baby" out of a deep love we have for each other, we send kissy faces all the time. But we're friends and friends only. There's nothing more there.

Why would there be something more in those chats? Is your husband behaving differently with you? Did he change from a loving husband to a heartless cold man that comes home late from work every day?

There are clear signs that can tell you if he's cheating or not. Going through his chats is not the right thing to do.

Good luck, take care. Your baby is first!

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