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Confused about my ex's feeling

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Capricorn woman Confused about her ex virgo man's feelings

Does my ex virgo man wants me back? Capricorn woman confused about her ex virgo màn's feelings?
Recently i texted my ex virgo boyfriend to ask him about a job interview in a compgnie he work with. 
It has been like a year since we didn't speak. 
And i find myself contacting him to ask if there's any interviews coming soon because he is the only one i know working there. 
He was so happy whên i told him it's me. 
and he went staight away to contact the manager then told me that i have to come as soon as possible since there's an interviews going on these days. 
I thanked him for his help.and left the conversation... 
Then he said... that he doesn't work anymore in that departement and they chiftted him. 
he sent me a record msg saying how much he misses me that he always think about me. 
How i never left his thoughts that i'm like a ghost chasing him everywhere he goes. And how sometimes he asks himself if i ever think about him like he does. 
I told him... i don't know what to say that i prefer if we don't talk about the past because i'm really over it. 
He went quiet then he said 
I always remember the good things 
Don't worry 
You don't have to say anything.. 
I just want you to know.. 
And there are lots of other things that I would rather keep it to myself. 
I left again the conversation. 
Without saying a word. 
What do you think? 
Is it a sign that he still has feelings for me and regret the break up ?!! 
And wants me back?
Or he is lying and i should not believe what he is saying..?
Please i need your advice. Somehow
I regret contacting him.. i really didn't expect him to say those things and share all of this î tooks me over a year to be over him to forget all the pain he caused me in the past.i'am so confused ...i'am really seeking your help and your advice in here.
Thank you.

Confused about my ex's feeling

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I'm not into sll that astrology stuff so all I see is a guy who got a call from an ex for help and now his hopes are up for a re- connect.

Only you can decide what to do now, but it's not a good idea to have a workplace romance, IMHO. .

Confused about my ex's feeling

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We don't work in the same departement .. so i will not see him.
Anyway he is not contacting me now.
He said those things and vanished hhh
Good for me

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