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My boyfriend keeps saying mean things

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Emotional advice I met my boyfriend in the month of February, this year. It was great but a few months ago we had a test and he got really bad marks...

That was the day his attitude and behaviour towards me completely changed. He started speaking monotonously and was unresponsive to any sweet or affectionate things I said. I didn't give up. I used to text, call and approach.

We were having a test again a few days ago and that's when he started saying depressing things to me like, "you can't do anything. forget about your dream job you can't get anything done." that's when I broke.

It's been a few days since it happened and since then it seems like I cry after every call we have. I just realised how clingy and needy I was being so I didn't text or call him at all today (I just didn't wanna bother him). In the end, he's still the one angry.

Please help me... I don't know what to do and my friends don't ever respond to my problems with appropriate answers...

My boyfriend keeps saying mean things

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He's angry because he got bad grades and you didn't so his low self esteem kicked in and it came out as anger against you.

Kind of like the guy who has a bad day at work and comes home to kick the dog.

Sure you want to be around him? Instead of studying hard, he says hurtful things to bring you down.

My boyfriend keeps saying mean things

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On the contrary, he's the needy one rather than you. He's acting like a spoiled child and his actions only tell you what he's really like and it's your choice whether need someone like him as a BF. The next time you speak to him, tell him to grow up, so then he might realize that his bad exam marks are his and his alone. The previous poster is correct, why bother with someone who brings you down.

My boyfriend keeps saying mean things

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just quit. he is being childish

My boyfriend keeps saying mean things

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Hello Scarlet,

this is a textbook situation.

He's frustrated and feels like he's going down, so instead of asking for help to get out of the hole, he's trying to frag you inside as well. You don't have a problem (except for your BF), he does.

When he says "you can't do anything" he really means "I can't do anything and you can, and that makes me angry"

So, break free, that's a toxic relationship.

Finally I will quote Dr. Miguel Ruiz and his 4 agreements.

1.- Be impeccable with your words
Don't insult or say hurtful things. Violence (even with words) always come back one way or another.
2.- Don't take anything personally
Whatever people tells you, is not about you, is about them and how they see the world around them (including you). So the one not accomplishing anything or getting a dream job is not you, but him.
3.- Never ever suppose anything
If you're unsure, ask. Go to the source and fix what's broken, or just part ways.
4.- Always do your best
If you give yourself 100% to anything in life, not even you will be able to criticize your actions.

Keep strong, you're doing well. Don't pay attention to what he says. And don't let him drag you down.

Good luck and take good care of yourself above anything/anybody else.

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