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She's been strict lately

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Relationship advice Hi guys,
My girlfriend and I have moved in together for 5 months and I'm afraid that we're not easy to live together. I'm a messy guy, I throw my stuff around. She gets annoyed. We fight. I tried to change. And now she even controls my diet. Is she becoming a control freak. I don't want to overreact or something.
Is that a good thing for this relationship? I wonder what she's gonna do next.

She's been strict lately

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Hello David,

On any relationship both partners have to look for a middle ground. If one of them pulls way too far to one side, the partnership is prone to break at some point.

You should try to be more careful, but at the same time she needs to relax a bit.

talk to her and tell her how you're feeling.

Be polite, but make sure the message is clear.

Good luck!

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