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Relationship advice Hey, so i've known this guy for over a year now (we know each other through friends, but don't go to the same school). when i meet him at a party and kissed him. this was at the beginning of summer 2016. We didn't really talk that much that summer but nearer the end i got in contact and we were talking for a while but it fizzled out. We then came back into contact around christmas and new year time. By now i was really liking him, and thought i had the same feelings back as our messages were always flirtatious. Then around febuary 2017, around my birthday we got back in contact and were talking for a while, but then i found out that he was seeing someone else. I was really upset by this and ended up trying to get with someone near him to make him jealous (which i'm really not proud of). I then thought i was over him but came back into contact with him when at his schools after prom we saw each other and i ended up kissing him again. This was annoying for me because it brought all of the feelings back up and i wasn't sure what to do. He then contacted me a lot after that night and kept saying that he wanted to see me, and would take me to all these amaixng places!

I wasn't too sure whether i wanted to start anything with him again, and my friends made sure he kept on his toes and wasn't going to hurt me again. This time round when we were talking it was a lot different and i felt like i knew him in a much deeper and different way. I even went on a date with him, we went out for lunch and i ended up going back to his house where we watched the tele and cuddled on his sofa, which was so nice. By now i know all my feelings have come back and i feel really hopeful for what may happen with him, apart from the only spanner which was that i was leaving to go away for a month without any phone or way to contact home. Before i left he was so keen to see me again and invited me to his best friends for a summer bbq to get to know his friends, whic i was annoyed i couldn't go to. He then told me that he'd miss me while i was away and would have to see what would happen once i get home!

So i get home and he isn't very talkative, and doesn't seem very interested so i leave it for a day or two before talking to him again. When i spoke to him then he was so enthusiastic and happy about how i was home and annoyed he couldn't see me because he was now away. When i was back from my trip, the vibe of our talking was different and i felt like all the effort was coming from my side of the table and he didn't really care that much.

Now he hasn't messaged me in a while, and i don't want to be the only one who cares and embarrass myself, so i've left it. This is so frustrating for me because i like him so much and don't know what to do, I'm not sure whether he's found someone else while i was away. Now its the end of summer and we are both at school again (but we go to different colleges). I need some advice on how to get over him, or how to get him back, but its tricky because i never really see him as we go to different schools. I just feel sad because i miss talking to him and i like him so much!

Sorry this is so long, but thought you may want the back story! Thank you for any advice in advance :)

Relationship advice

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I think he was just really disappointed that you were unable to make it to the BBQ!

He probably surprised himself with how much he missed you...and didn't know what to do with all of those feelings!!

Boys are typically rational thinkers...and love isn't clear cut!!

I would enthusiastically call him up with TICKETS!! Let him know you have tickets to an event, a sporting event, a concert, or a show, or something cool, maybe a gift certificate that you got, or the fair is in know what I mean. OR you need an extra player in a game of soccar coming up with your friends!! That way he can see how great you are from a distance and in the crowd!!

Your excited tone and the idea of getting together might be what gets you guys back on track.

Back on track.... to just enjoying one another's company, AND enjoying YOURSELF in the others company.

You are young... you are students of life... explorers here on earth for 90 some odd is just one experience after another after another after another after another...until we pass on.


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