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Mental stress

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Emotional advice Am happyly married and have a baby of 20 months. 3yrs of marriage. Me n my husband were in love during college days 5 yrs aftr so much of struggle we got married with our familys permission.we were veeeery happy.
Now the issue is i am very possessive on my husband.i dont want him to talk with any other girl. I was not like this befor. Usually he dont get chance to talk with girls. He joined in a company where there was girls working in his team. He use to talk with them frndly in wats up n calls in front of me. I dont had any problem.
I dont like 1 girls dressing and way of talking to him. She flirts with him n his colleagues. I told him not to talk to her. N he gets angry on me saying that he know his limits. He is in his limits but the way she talks n flirts disturbs me.she calls him for group outing like they r from childhood frnds. And my husband says i cant avoid her its just frnds get together.
I had many boys as frnds n colleagues befor marriage i stoped talking to them coz my husband dont like me talking to guys. Now i dont like him talking to that girl n told him many times he says ok but wen she calls n msges he reply to it n talk to her convence her for not attending the get together and give her fake promises to meet someother time.
Usually he dont convence anyone. I get angry wen he convenc her. Now we have so many fights n misunderstandings coz of this issue. He says i gone mad n over reacting n lost his peace coz of me. Which really hurts me n am not able to love him lik before.
Please give me some suggestions.

Mental stress

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Sometimes work friends forget that people have private lives. This girl seems to carry on work during off hours.

You have told your husband that this girl's messaging him upsets you. He needs to tell her to only contact him if there is an emergency.

If you think something more is going on, then he needs to be honest with you.

( of course, if this girl is his boss, she may have reason to message him. But when he is not working, then his attention should be on you)

Mental stress

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Thank u sooo much for the reply. Jus 3 days before i found my husband also likes to talk to her. Even he has called her 2 times wen am not in home. They hav talked casually. But he has deleted everything before i see anything.
Am really upset about this. He broke all my trust upon him. Am feeling like am done. I asked him about this. He says sorry will not repeat again. But am not able to trust him again like before.
What should i do. Can i give him another chance ? Am not able to see his face. Please tel me something.

Mental stress

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Yes. Give him a chance.

Slso adk what it is about her thst he needs to talk about.

Maybe he is feeling left out because you are busy with the child.

Can you go away together for a nice romantic weekend?

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