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Devoted mom and nana abandoned

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Missing People advice I was a single mom. raised a beautiful daughter. we were two peas in a pod. moved to her new town, help with all her pregnancy/ help with her five kids under 7 daily. 3 months ago was told no longer needed and stay away from her and the kids. no contact since. I'm broken hearted and confused. all I do is cry. I miss my grsndbabies. now in this town with no family or friend. having health issue alone lost interest in life

Devoted mom and nana abandoned

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Oh Im so sad to hear that :(
A very BIG HUG to you ( wish I could really hug you )
Maam do you know the exact reason why this attitude suddenly came into her?
Please youre a really special person and please dont give up ( easy for me to say )
You have friend of old days for support
Take Care

Devoted mom and nana abandoned

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It sounds like you need some sort of explanation as to what's happened, because your not a mind reader you cant fix something if you don't know what you've done.

do you have any idea? Anything that might of been said or done? A recent argument?

Try to make your self feel a little better. You're in a new area so try to get out a bit make a life for yourself i. Look up things to do, just meeting people so you don't feel lonely will help. It won't bring back your daughter and grandchildren straight away but it's a positive step. Or if you are too upset to do anything, try to find someone to talk to :-).

Devoted mom and nana abandoned

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If you ever want a friend to talk to Im here :)

Devoted mom and nana abandoned

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I know you will not believe me or want to hear this right now, but you are a very blessed woman. You have a beautiful healthy daughter and five, I repeat five grandchildren? Congratulations!

I have 3 daughters, all in their 30's and they live out of town, busy with their own lives (but, I have no grandchildren in sight)!

I think we are both suffering from the Empty Nest syndrome. More information below:

Mothers dedicate their lives raising their children.
And then one day, our child(ren), walk out of our life, and we feel no longer needed and broken hearted. It's a horrible feeling of loneness and betrayal.

Please don't allow those feelings to take over. Your daughter and Grand babies, truly love and need you.

During this time apart: it's very important to be very patient. Our children need to feel they are independent of their parents.

Do you remember separating from your Mom?

As Mothers we want to offer our help, because we know raising children can be hard. But, we have to be careful, not to try and take over.

You mention having poor health? Yes, getting older isn't for wimps!
But, depression can be serious and can add to your health issues.

I'd encourage you to find a health club or a church, or even classes at a craft store, where you can meet new friends.

Do you have your daughter's address? You'd be surprised how excited your Grandchildren would be getting a fun card in the mail, saying I love you from Grandma.

Maybe you could offer to babysit once in awhile? A married couple with 5 children might just need a night out? Or ask them over for dinner once in awhile?

But, it has to happen on their timing. The more guilt or pressure we place on our children, the less often they'll come around.

Hopefully, your daughter will reach out in the near future. Be grateful, for whatever time you are given.

Two souls missing our (grand)children! God bless you.

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