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I can't get over his past

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Relationship advice im with an amazing guy for almost a year...when we got together he told me about his past (With women)
I aaccepted everything. Im 19 and only had one sexual partner before him, hes 23 and I dont even know whaat his 'body count' is when it comes to women. i never cared. it never bothered me before..until recently. For a few weeks now his past is torturing me. we used to have a spot on a roof top where we would sit and have i feel like i cant go there because he was there with other girls before... thinking like that makes me go crazy. I HATE IT. we argued about WHY i dont want to go there again..but i couldnt tell him. how can i tell the man i love that his past hoes and one night stands kill me everytime he touches me???
I cry in his arms and he doesnt know...i cant tell him....

sometimes he gets angry that i dont tell him why im madd...he calls me cold and heatless, but i cant tell him becase HE would feel like shit, HE would get hurt and i cant do it.
i cry thinking about how many girls there were.. it kills me inside.
I almost told him about these thoughts but then he had a clue that it was his past bothering me so i couldnt see that suspecting depressed face get worse so i changed the subject....

i cant take it
i cant keep hiding it
i cant tell him either....

what do I do?

I can't get over his past

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I think it's better if you tell him honestly. He can feel it but want you to tell the truth. Just be honest with each other. I know it's hard but a relationship is based on trust, also you have to be accepted who he is, even his past. If you keep thinking about his past and let it affect your feeling, things will get worse between you two. Past is the past, but people can't stand the ex. It's you who is with him now, not the ex. Also, focus on how he treats you, and how much you enjoy being with him. That's important rather than his sexual history. If you can't forgive nor forget him or that really bothers you, you should move on. It just hurts you more just like the knives through your heart tear you apart.

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