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I am heartbroken

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Emotional advice I recently told my close friend that i have strong feelings for her.She has a boyfirend who is only there for lust.I told her then she said this was unexpected and that it is funny.She also told her friend.Her friend was laughing and then the friend shouted my name .I have recently been crying .I dont know what to do and can u explain what this means

I am heartbroken

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No one really knows what it all means.

You did nothing wrong. You just expressed a feeling.

They can do what they want with it. Some seemed surprised or nervous , but it may be funny to them. Who knows?

Just smile and be calm. Everything will settle down in a few days.

I am heartbroken

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A person that is a lovebird at heart will look at the world and see beauty everywhere and in everyone.

A lovebird must learn to become a LOVEBIRD SOLDIER. They must learn how to build themselves so strong that others can not break them down, and they need to learn how to protect themselves. They have to have a broader vision of what life is.

So, let this situation be. Those people will only continue to keep it an issue if you do. Some people learn how to feed off of other peoples insecurities. So how to do you do that? You just occupy your mind with other things, things that are more important to you.

This issue seems the most important to you right now, but think about it for a while. Make a list of alllll of the things that are important to you, all of the things that you love to do, all of the things that are interesting to you, all of the things that you NEED to do, all of the things coming up on the calender, all of the people in your life that love you for you... there are a tonne of things that are more important to you.

So you put yourself out there, told her you like her, and now...things are in limbo. You have the power to help her grow and be more mature... if YOU choose to be more mature. You have to be CONFIDENT. And confidence is seen in people that know what they are doing and talking about.. Which is why I you need to make a list of all of the things that are important to you.

The other list you need to make is WHO AM I? Who are you? What is your purpose? What are your qualities? What are you skills? What do you need? What do you like to do? Your close friends and family sees you as being....? WHO ARE YOU?

You need to know the answers to these two major questions in order to build your confidence. Get a notebook and keep collecting answers over time. Inspire yourself. Put answers that will guide you to be the person you want to be.

Be creative, design some pages for yourself in a special book. These two questions... if you know the answers to them for the rest of your life.. you will be successful and happy.

Have you seen Zoolander? Watch them again... and you might look at the film a little differently... you will see the power of IDENTITY.

Good luck

I am heartbroken

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I had a relationship was serious all sudden he left me ..but now he use to watch me but he havnt come back yet..what to do i m not able to move on ..nd start new life without him want to know will he be back..his name is Divyang sharma

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