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Executives showing favoritism

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Work advice Looking for suggestions on how to ignore what appears to me to be an intentional effort to alienate me from group project team members.

For example, executives do not make eye contact with me during group meetings - but they will other team members. Nor am I spoken to directly.

In one recent example, after a small group meeting, one team executive leader thanked everyone for attending and contributing, etc., except for me.

Am I too paranoid if I am beginning to think this behavior is intentional in hopes I will become dissatisfied and seek employment elsewhere?

Could I in some way be presenting myself as an intimidating person to this executive team member?

I am an older employee and have been with this company for many years and have a lot of knowledge of the industry and my vocation.

I am not an actively social employee. I generally spend my day working instead of chatting up small talk in the hall, break rooms and visiting other employee offices.

I am not an extreme reclusive person either.

I once was a manager but I accepted a technical position years ago and I wonder if that migration in some way casts some stereotypical mindsets about how to treat technical personnel.

Executives showing favoritism

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Only one way to find out and that's seek a meeting and ask these guys direct to their face and get them to explain to you why they intentionally leave you out. Their behavior is work place bullying and victimization, regardless of your status, and they need to help you to understand about why they behave this way towards you. Ignoring you because you 'could' come across as intimidating or because you're from technical is no excuse for bad manners nor is it an excuse for them to attempt to alienate you.

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