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I put another guy in my phone as ‘cute art boy’ while dating someone?

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on Oct 23 2017 at 01:53
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Relationship advice This happened last November and I had just been dating my boyfriend for a little over a month. In August, there was this guy in my art class who I had a particular interest in because he liked the same music as me. And I will admit that he was sort of cute. I’m 17 and I met (who is now my boyfriend) June 2016 and I fell for him right away, he’s 19. We are in a long distance relationship and as hard as it can be by not being able to see him physically, we have always made it work. He had asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend a few times before October came along but I told him I wanted to wait. there began to be a gray area of when we started dating but we definitely started dating sometime last October. We sort of evolved into what we were in the beginning intro finally dating and it just “happened”. It wasn’t announced so there wasn’t much of an official date. Now this other guy in my art class, I always tried to get his attention, I’d wear certain band shirts to kind of “show off” to show that I liked those bands too (lame I know, but). I never really expected anything back, but last November, he came up to me after class and gave me his number. I was NOT expecting it at all.

When I got home that day, I put his name in my phone as “cute art boy”, I was telling my sisters about it and we were all kind of joking about it so the name wasn’t 100% serious. I vividly remember asking my sister what I should do because this boy was right here and just for a split moment I thought about ending everything I had with my boyfriend for this guy because it wouldn’t have been long distance. I hate myself for that. This art guy and I only talked for about three days before we stopped talking and I haven’t talked to him since. I don’t miss him and I never really liked him at all. I honestly just got caught up in the fact that he even talked to me at all and I let my emotions run loose for a moment, not completely thinking that I shouldn’t have even bothered talking to him at all. I completely forgot that it even happened until recently and it’s really bothering me because I love my boyfriend more than anything. He knows that this guy gave me his number but he doesn’t know about everything else. Anymore I avoid all guys and only talk to a few people besides my boyfriend, I’ve been loyal ever since we became really serious. I have never cheated on him nor would I ever do so but I feel so guilty about that one incident, I love him more than I’ve ever loved anything or anyone and I don’t want to ruin us. I just keep getting choked up over the fact that I thought the way I did during that moment and what I put that art boy in my phone as.

I guess what I am trying to cope with is whether or not I need to let this get to me as much as it is and what I should do. I would greatly appreciate another voice and input on this situation.

I put another guy in my phone as ‘cute art boy’ while dating someone?

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on Oct 23 2017 at 13:31
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Don't worry about it. U didn't kiss or make love to him.. Forget it and enjoy yr bf...

I put another guy in my phone as ‘cute art boy’ while dating someone?

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on Oct 23 2017 at 17:35
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At 17, you are going to come across many "cute" guys.

If you have decided at such a young age to not only limit your love life but to also limit your social life, it's going to be a real challenge.

No advice here- just an observation.

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