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Problems with my neighbours

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I and my family finally got rid of our neighbours. They finally took the step to move. (we couldn't move cus my grandma is 80 and cannot move anymore.)

Atleast... we thought we got rid of our neighbours and the problems they made for us. (problems said short: they would call the police if our dog barks a few times, would use a hammer and slam on the wall, would do that both when our chairs move AND our dog. they would slam the door shut with a stick and screaming at our house. They would start a fight. They called a tv program about neighbour fights and said we had 7 dogs while we have only 2 just like them. We didn't know anything about that tv program so we were disgusted on how far they would go. they would call the cops about our dog even when it was new year and everyone would play with fireworks....)

Well.... Basically my mom got an email form a guy who looks like he works for them about situations and what he said is that they want us to pay their moving money. We are talking about $6000 here.

We didn't even know they were moving.
They were suddently packing their stuff and going!

Some time before, they wanted us to pay for their rent. what is fricking stupid cus we didn't do anything to make them say that we had to pay for them.

This is ridiculous. They want us to pay cus they blame us that they HAD to move. They basically ruined my whole childhood and my sister already goes to a therapist. she would gey out of her mind if she would visit us and the neighbours would slam the wall. With out of her mind I mean that she would cry really hard and just leave, making us worried because we don't know what to do to calm her down.

What about us? we need to pay for the therapist, we did everything to keep the dogs quiet, we even had some people visit us for 3 months if they could
ascertain something, but they didn't.

Again, we just get a bill of $6000,- shoved in our face while we didn't know a single fuck?
I can hear my mom crying of stress rn.
and I am very stressed too.

This is seriously how they need to end this? we don't even know if this is true or not.
This can't be fricking true right? we didn't do anything. if someone would need to get a bill, they would be the one.
We weren't even thinking about a bill anyways, but this was seriously unexpected.

They keep going even though they aren't even our neighbours anymore.

I seriously can't anymore, they continue and continue and it seriously wants me to give up atm.

Problems with my neighbours

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Hey there Lill,

Look, I think you were over here a couple months ago talking about this.

My recommendation, do not acknowledge or pay for anything.

Unless a lawyer calls your parents, you shouldn't be paying attention to them. They moved. "They". AFAIK, the "moving" company would have to get your agreement before giving the service, otherwise, you don't have to pay for any service you haven't requested. If your neighbours decided to spend 6K with a moving company, that's their problem, not yours and not your family's.

So, stop worrying about it and enjoy the fact that they moved away.

If someone asks your family for payment, ask them where is a legit signature/ID in a contract where it says that you agreed to pay for that. That will end the conversation soon.

Good luck, keep us posted.

Problems with my neighbours

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