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Boyfriend jealous over Facebook likes?

To begin, over a year ago my boyfriend and I got into it because I was "liking" too many Facebook posts from the same person. I do not understand it at all. I'm not liking any of his personal pictures, and None of this guys posts are personal to him; they are all stupid, funny memes/videos that he's reposting. I never noticed I was liking so many things from the same person until my boyfriend brought it up. I just see something funny, and I like it. I'll also add that I do not actually know this person. Yet, because of facebook, I was accused of having something going on with this person, and even one night while my boyfriend was on meds and losing his mind (that's a whole different issue), he messaged him from my account accusing him as well. It was a huge issue. Fast forward to today, he brings him up again. He asks me why this guy is spam liking my posts. I never noticed, and looked back on my posts from the last couple weeks. He may have have liked 2 or 3 posts. And proceeded to tell me "not to start that sh-t again" and told me to block him. I never did block him before because I didn't feel it was justified and that he was showing controlling characteristics and didn't want to let into it. I just don't quite understand. I told him this is not normal and he doesn't listen to me. What is your opinion on this situation and how would you handle It? Am I in the wrong, or is there a way to get him to understand this is not normal behavior?

Boyfriend jealous over Facebook likes?

Think of the intent behind your boyfriend's action. He is jealous because he is scared of loosing you to someone else. You are not in the wrong at all, but at the same time recognize that your boyfriend is human and has some weaknesses. At the same time, you probably see some good qualities in him, that would have attracted you to him at the first place. Clearly, you are committed to him as well since you really trying to handle the situation / solve the issue and not walk away from it. This is a great attitude to have! You should explain your intent behind "likes" on Facebook, but don't be disheartened if he doesn't understand your perspective right away. You might have heard the saying that the only person in this world you can change is yourself. You may or may not get him to understand that his behavior is not normal, since that is not in your control. However, not feeling bad or upset about it is in your control. A key to mastering the relationships is to accept the people in your life the way they are, and the way they are not. There is something that we like and something that we dislike in every relationship in our life. If we can learn to accept them the way they are and the way they are not, they will change for Good!!! More importantly, you will be at ease and happy with your relationships. If we do not accept them the way they are and the way they are not, you are the one who will suffer. This doesn't mean that you stop being yourself and loose your self-expression to make your boyfriend happy.

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