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My 1 yr gf doesnt want to get married but wants to Live together in 2 yrs

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Relationship advice So my prob is my gf doesnt wanna get engaged but said we could eventually live together in 2 yrs. Meanwhile we both miss each other so much and only see each other on the weekends. She has a daughter with alot of activities that take up alot of time every day of the week. I have a daughter i get every other weekend. The girls are 9 and 10 and get along great. My gf texted me apologizing about being distant. She doesnt text or call that much. She seems distant on the phone too. She dont text much or call but when were together everything is great.
Now her daughter is haveing issues and doesnt want to sleep at her dads on his weekends. Which means our alone time is even more limited now. So our every other saturday of makeing love is gone. Here and there her daughter will sleep at her friends house and it allows us to spend alone time but were only talking once a month. I feel that a relationship needa more alone time. Ill settle for once a week. I think she needs to find the time some how some way. I dont understand. We talked about marriage and she said ahe thinks its just a piece of paper. Shell be in a relationship for life but doesnt want to get married because she got burned bad in her last marriage. I try and do everything. Be thoughtful, make dinner. Do surprise outtings, booked vacations with the girl and all that and get thoughtful gifts thinking that might convince her to get married but no. She says everyone who gets married is miserable and she wants it to be a easy out if there is no marriage. Please help. We are amazing together. My family see how amazing we are but idk why im gurt that she thinks of marriage like that and that cant move further along in the relationship.

Meanwhile my friend has a friend that is 39 wants another child and to get married and shes really sweet and all that. Im trying to figure out if I should end it with my girl and take a chance with someone that wants the same as me and thinks marriage is a beautiful thing in life and not just a piece of paper.

Please I need advice.
I truly love my gf and we r 2 peas in a pod. But it hurts about her not wanting to get married. But again she said we could move in together in 2 yrs. So do I accept the love and wait for it to approve with us and her daughter or do I take a step into another direction and go be with someone that wants the same and hope that we fall in love.
Im afraid that the love wont be as satisfying and that I might make the wrong choice. What do you think??

My 1 yr gf doesnt want to get married but wants to Live together in 2 yrs

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My thoughts are: I can’t help but think this might be scaring her off a bit, which might be why she’s saying she’ll move in with you but in two years time? To me that says she want to take it slow. seems a bit distant too? Hint- she wants you to take it slow/slower too. How often do you talk about this with her, all the time or just now and then?

It’s probably sensible that you do live together first. To me it seems like she’s given you some reassurance that your relationship is going to be long lasting. Although I agree, you both have to kinda want the same things in the long run but it’s just been a year maybe things can change.

This other lady, even though from what you discribe of her, it might not be the same as you have now with your Gf and you could regret it, for what ever reason.
Maybe focus on moving in with each other first see how that goes. It might happen been sooner then two years, you never know :-)

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