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Stuck in a sticky situation

Hi, I'm a 32yo guy due to marry my fiance 29 next year who I love dearly. We have 1 child together and she has 2 children from a previous relationship who I've took on and love as my own child. The problem is me and one of my ex's have always talked and she is a Facebook friend of mind but my fiance doesn't know this. Me and my ex have very passionate sexual chemistry and slept together a lot through last year before she moved to her new home over in America. Trouble is I just want her as friend and nothing more. I don't even want her on my Facebook to be honest as when I get married they'll be wedding pics up etc. But I think my ex thinks she can always have access to me, requests I address her as a special name I used to have for her and anytime she comes down she is going to expect sex. I don't know how to go about getting her out my life as I don't know what messages she may have kept and could turn on me and tell my fiance if I don't meet her demands. So I'm treading carefully to keep on her good side. I know what I did was wrong and I regret it. But how can I tell my ex to leave me alone in a gentle way that won't entice her wrath.

Stuck in a sticky situation

This is all about you, isn't it? After all, you cheated on your fiance and don't want her to find out. You are in fear that this gal will tell the wonan you are engaged to that you have chested while being engaged. Head this off and tell her what's gone on in this past year. Best she finds out about it from you rather than the ex. But I would not be concerned about the wrath of your ex. I'd be concerned about the reaction from your fiance.

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