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I don’t know how to help my mom

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Hello everyone, I’m not english so I already apologise for future mistake.
I’m having problems dealing with my mom, we are going through a rough time with money (like many people), but I believe she really overthink the situation and she’s making me very nervous.

We have everything that we need, she just bought a new house for my grandma and we had zero problems buying things for Christmas or shopping, etc.

But everytime we do something she starts talking about money and it really affects me. When I try to talk about this she gets angry and usually we end up fighting.

I really want to put an end at this but I don’t know how and what to do, I’d like her to understand that in the world there are bigger problems and that she should appreciate what she has a little bit more, but she won’t listen to me. Anyone knows how to help me?

I don’t know how to help my mom

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Whenever someone obsesses about something really not a problem, (money, health, relationships) that could be an indication of something else. Depression? Menopause? OCD? Illness?

So - encourage her to talk to someone about her fears, worries etc. because it's not really about the money - it's about other things in her life that are making her feel overwhelmed. And since you are not a therapist/counselor, you can't say anything that would be what she wants to hear.

Is there a religious official or women's center near you where she could go?

Lovingly detach from the conversation. Say,"Mom, you really need to talk to someone else about this. We all appreciate what you have sacrificed to provide for us. Our thank yous don't seem to be enough. Something else is going on. Please get some help to make you feel better."

Keep encouraging her to talk to someone about this. If she declines, then YOU get counseling and she can join in later about this family problem.

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