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Bulling & social life

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Emotional advice So I Am 16 Years Old
I got a weak personality
Even Though I Got a well built Body I am too weak
I Get bullied a lot I cant stand for myself I got a bad social life 0 Hobbies
0 skills I need help.........

Bulling & social life

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I use to be bullied when I was at school and it made me feel pretty weak as well however, looking back I know see that the problem wasn't me but with the bullies themselves who were not happy with who they were and bullying was actually an a coward behaviour.

What bits of your personality don't you like and would like to change?Why do you feel that this are weak and what parts do you consider are strong? What do you think you could do to help improve these aspects.What did you use to do before that you would like to go back to (social life or hobbies?)

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