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Do I go or do I not??

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Money advice So basically this year in my History class an opportunity has opened for me to take part in an excursion to Belgium as part of my education. I have agreed to go, forms have been filled out about my medical details and I have paid the deposit. Now I am starting to question whether I want to go or not.

Sometimes I think it’s going to be a waste and the money (roughly £315) will definitely be wasted. But other times I think it will be a brilliant educational experience and it will be a laugh with my friends and I.

I don’t want to go and regret what I have spent on, then I don’t want to not go and regret holding back.

I doubt I’ll get the deposit back, however it’s either that or going on a trip that I may or may not regret.

Any advice for this is extremely appreciated as I’m finding it difficult to make a decision.

Thank you,


Do I go or do I not??

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Stick with the view that it will be a "brilliant educational experience."

Do I go or do I not??

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I think if you’ve alredy paid for it then you should go. Stick to your decision and carry on reminding your self why your doing this and all the positives.

Try to block the negative thoughts. If you’re doing this for the first time you’re going to be a bit nervous and it’s also the unknown too which can be scary but just go with it. But you won’t know for next time unless you go :-)

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