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Parents divorcing and making bad decisions at school and life

- Dec 6 2017 at 02:36
Member since: Dec 2017
Education advice I'm a teenager and I'm dealing with my parents getting a divorce. I'm not doing horrible in school. I HAD all A's until I made a mistake. I plagiarized a homework assignment yesterday. My teacher caught me and has given me a 0. She left a comment on my assignment that seemed she was mad. I replied with me being sorry and apologizing. Yet she hasn't replied. And I KNOW she has read it. I get to see her tomorrow and idk what to do! We also have a big test about the book my assignment was about. I'm scared! I keep regretting the decision that I made. And on top of all of this my parents are repeatedly fighting every week (verbally). I get so much stress built up in me and I make stupid decisions. What should I do?

Parents divorcing and making bad decisions at school and life

- Dec 8 2017 at 21:51
Member since: Dec 2017
Hi there,

First of all I think you should stop worrying about your mistake in school because I doubt that you re the first person who done similar. You should explain your teacher that you feel sorry about what you did and that will not happen anymore anything similar. Explain her that you had a rough time at home but don t go in details, just say family issues and that you ll try your best with the assignment.

About your parent I think you should try to talk with them separately and explain them that their arguments and constant fighting influence on you.

If they have their problems they should go for a dinner somewhere out or for a walk and try to resolve it.

Just keep your head up and be positive bcoz after rain comes the sun.

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