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Am I oversenstive?

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Relationship advice Hello all!!!

I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for just coming up to a year. Everything runs pretty smoothly, however there is one thing that we have argued about and that is her male best friend.

A few years ago in told her that he had feelings for her, which doesnt help. Also being a man, I also know what they are like.

I dont have issue with their friendship and I dont have any trust issues concerning my girlfriend.

My main issue is the way he acts around my girlfriend and what he says to her:

Some of the things he has said or done:
- I was with a girl last night and we had to stop having sex as I was too big for her.
- About his fancy dress costume which consisted of hotpants 'Its going to be embarrasing as people will be able to see everything and will stare because it is so big.' I have seen him in hot pants and there is nothing to see
- Overly touchy.
- My favourite text he sent her 'you would be proud of me, a girl wanted to meet me for sex from tinder and I didnt'

I do not know any man that would say these things to his male friends.

I find the way that he speaks to her entirely inappropriate and he regularly crosses a line. She says that she knows that he is a dick, and doesnt think anything of it because that is the way that he is. Me and him are 2 very different people and even though roughly the same age we are at very different stages of our life.

The last time that he said something I reacted physically and ended up shaking. But I dont know whether or not I am being overly sensitive. She has even admitted that some of the things that she says to him is inappropriate.

I think that I am rambling.


Am I oversenstive?

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He's like a child who says provocative things to get attention.

Your GF can spend less and less time with him or just be too busy to hold these kinds of conversations.

Remember: she is with you.

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