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Girlfriend broke up with me and it’s not because of me

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Ok, I’m 15, got a gf a month ago, we were very happy together, everything was fine and dandy, my grades are great, so are hers.

I went to Cuba for a week and I couldn’t contact her and prior to that she was at a school play and couldn’t come to class for weeks. Now I was finally back on Dec 8.
We only hung out twice in two weeks... She even hung out with others instead of me, her boyfriend.

A week ago, I told her that I feel like I’m not focusing on being at my best to my family and friends and that I’m doubting the relationship but I said i’ll stick to it.
3 days later she tells me she wants to break up because she’s unhappy with herself and her mental health, right before the romantic holidays too :((((

I tried to get her back but she still won’t. I can’t even see her for 15 minutes in a day to give her the xmas present I bought... (its only fair since she bought me one too and i still love her)

Can anyone help me get her back, I know she wants to work on herself but I was happy with the person she was and i will do my best to make her happy now, I really love her and want to spend the holiday break with her, we had lots planned...

Girlfriend broke up with me and it’s not because of me

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You're young and probably need more experience with dating to make better decisions. First of all, even though a person is in a relationship they are still allowed to spend time with their friends and family. So yes, she did hang with others. A significant other does not own their partner's time.

The second challenge is that you said you were "doubting the relations but will stick to it." In the future, you might want to choose your words better. That's not exactly, "I love and respect you." and not something somebody wants to hear. Even if you doubt a relationship you want to soften what you say to your partner about it.

If you are 15 I'll assume she is 15. Very competent studies tell us that girls between the ages of 15-17 in romantic relationships often experience depression. I can believe that she could be unhappy with herself and her mental health.

So, what to do. We're in holiday which is filled with family, celebrations, obligations and other stressors. I'd send her a text saying that you have her gift and you are willing to give it to her whenever she wishes. Then lay low and don't do anything. Wait for these holidays to be over and the dust to settle. You can run into this girl in school weeks from now when things calm down. Talk then and see how she feels.

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