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Do I actually cheat on my boyfriend?

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Relationship advice I have a 2 years relationship with my boyfriend we had a good relationship sometimes ? But we argue all the time because he always choose his friends over me .
I was in a mall that night doing our thesis . On my friends laptop.
Then suddenly someone just called me on my phone asking where am i and he said he's also there . So he came to me he invited me to eat dinner so i said okay .
We eat in a fast food chain and talk about my boyfriend and his behavior he is my boyfriends Friend . And then suddenly he ask me to come with him because he is going to meet a friend in a bar and he doesn't know where it is . And i said i will just call him but my phone is already dead and also his phone .
So for me maybe its okay . So we go to a bar and listening to acoustic band out there . Then suddenly While waiting i just had a 1 glass of ladies drink and then i get dizzy i cant see a thing and the last thing i know is that we are entering in a room so i get in to my senses and i slap him ! I slap him and curse him he cried and says sorry . because of crying and my loud voice i got difficulty breathing he rush me to the near hospital then he continuously saying sorry to me. And the next day i tell it to my boyfriend and he is not convince that nothings happen to me and his fucking friend. I dont know what to do now that everyone knows it especially his parents.

Do I actually cheat on my boyfriend?

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What do you suspect? That this guy slipped something into your drink? Do you think that? What did the Drs say?

Look - all these guys are not good for you. Your boyfriend does not sound suppportive of you.

The fact that you argue all the time says a lot about him and your relationship.

Why are his parents involved in all this? You seem to be blamed for something. What is it?

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