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I Think I Am Inlove

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on Jan 23 2018 at 15:11
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Relationship advice Well, I have liked this person for over 3 years and each time I try to withdraw with this connection I feel with her, I fail dramatically. The thing is I am not of age to be with her and I am Christian so it is a "sin" to want her given I am a female. Also, it just so happens that she is married, with children. I kind of set those things aside and tried to overlook it.

Now I think I am in love with her - for many more reasons. We occasionally flirt with one another and share long embraces. She loves winking at me and I am overly kind to her. Hell- I even give my things away to her. She is just perfect, at first I thought it was my adolescence phase hormones, but now...

I am not so sure...

What do I do?

I think I am inlove
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on Jan 24 2018 at 00:09
Member since: 27 December 2013
How old are you?

It is not unusual to have a crush on a teacher - male or female.

But it is inappropriate and even illegal in the US for a teacher to have a relationship with a student that is sexual in nature.

I am sure she knows that!

A wink and a hug is not unusual for female to female friendship. Perhaps you are misinterpreting her friendship gestures.

In any case, these are YOUR feelings and they belong to you in your heart and mind.


I think I am inlove
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on Jan 24 2018 at 03:39
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Sorry, I assumed she was your teacher.

How is it that you spend time with her?

I think I am inlove
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on Jan 25 2018 at 02:38
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need more facts to offer any thoughts.

how old are both of you? what country do you live in? the only physical contact was an embrace? what have you given her? what about her heats up your hormones? do either of you work? it is also a sin to be intimate with a married woman. what are your future plans with her? are you acquainted with her husband or children? how did she and you hook up?

I think I am inlove
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on Jan 26 2018 at 14:31
Member since: 24 March 2017
Pray first. Yes, that is useful (as you know) but how practical and nearby is it? Christians sin too, and fortunately, we are more aware of how often. Take comfort in knowing you will survive this emotional and spiritual conflict because you are not on this journey alone. So now let’s explore some reasons and ways to escape this tension sooner rather than later.

I will not underestimate or delegitimize your feelings for her. I think you are correct in this partially being a hormonal challenge. Not much you can do about that except celebrate the gift of allure. It is a gift, you know. It just comes with rules as you are already painfully aware. The more we think about something, the more it becomes a part of our existence. That’s biological. It may help to focus on other things, feelings, gender, etc. However, our thoughts are very difficult to control so perhaps we can focus on behaviors. Can you decide how often and how long you will be with this person? Can you find an equal or greater and less threatening attraction? For example, can you “hang” with adolescence that have similar likes and dislikes and are in positions to share similar challenges? How about interests that you are passionate about…..sports, art, music, etc? They can be overriding and influential if you allow them.

Now you know just one of the reasons why adolescence is so difficult. Fortunately we outgrow this highly emotional and risky time of life. Please keep in touch and share with us how you overcome this temptation. We can all use some support and help with our own.

I think I am inlove
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on Jan 28 2018 at 11:43
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How old are you? My gf is older than me for 8 years, and it is ok. But if she is married - you definantly don't need to tell her about your feelings, you can lost her! Are you sure that you are in love with her? Read this article, I think that it will help you! https://datingtalks.com/tips/7-signs-love/

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