Why do i feel always rejected?

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on Jan 25 2018 at 04:29
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Emotional advice forum category advice forum category I know many come with problems such as mine, but I feel like this is how my entire life will end like. There is someone I truly care for, and I thought he felt the same. We did have a small falling out before our Christmas break, but I guess that was the wrong move because now he won't even acknowledge me. Now, I know I am a bit complicated, but did that seem fair?

To me, I thought he was the one that would change my perspective, but turns out he's just like the rest I had confessed too. I felt I was careful this time, but I guess not. Life isn't fair, huh? Why does this always happen to me? All I want is someone to return their feelings, but I guess that's too much to ask. What do I do? I guess this is what they mean by me being......different.

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on Jan 25 2018 at 05:19
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I think I get the pain you were feeling moments ago. Just talk to someone who is going through the same as you. Talking to complete strangers helped. A lot!
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on Feb 1 2018 at 18:19
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You said, "but turns out he's just like the rest."

Is this a REPEATED situation for your relationships from the past?

Maybe just as simple as you choosing the wrong guys - or certain guys zoom in on gals who seem to attract emotionally unavailable or distant men.

How about seeing a counselor from your local women's center who can help sort all this out?

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