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What to do?

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Emotional advice I'm posting this question in hopes that I could just get some advice.
I'm in my first year of college and I live in a dorm, in the beginning of the school year I started dating a friend from high school. Everything was great but during our relationship I think I came to the realization that I was just dating him because I was lonely.
We broke up about a week ago (mainly due to the fact that he lives an hour away and it was hard for me to do a 'long distance' relationship if I was only dating him for company).
My main issue is now that I'm broken up with him I actually see how lonely I am, my only real friend I have commutes and lives an hour away and while I have a few friends in class, outside of it they're preoccupied with their own relationships and stuff.

Now I do realize I could go out and make friends but, I find it so hard to talk to people! I've looked into getting a job but it's taking a bit longer that I had hoped. I try to just focus on school but I can only study so much before I want to slam my head against a wall. I've tried looking into getting a hobby but it's so hard to find something that interests me, even stuff I've enjoyed in the past just sounds 'meh' to me now.

Thank you in advance!

What to do?

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Good for you that you had the insight about that relationship not be a quality one for yourself. Still, you can never have too many friends... so don't close off anyone who wants to remain friends.

You say nothing interests you. How about exploring doing some volunteer work? On campus or local youth center or animal shelter?

Don't forget the counsrling services on campus. There are probably many students who are going thru what you are.

What to do?

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You made a smart first move and not just for yourself but also for your friend from high school. Why lead him on if you don’t see a future.

The first few weeks in new surroundings can feel uncomfortable, please don’t get discourage. It happens to more than you know.

So, while you’re waiting for the next chapter of your life to begin… try journaling. White down some questions that you’d like to learn when you meet someone of interest, you’ll be that much closer to making a connection that can last.

I’m sending you a link below concerning volunteer opportunities. Don’t make a judgement call, until you check out their website. You tell them your story and they can direct you to new possibilities. Blessings from above!

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