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on Feb 4 2018 at 12:30
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Relationship advice Hi, having martial difficulties at present. Husband has become distant. He recently starting saying he wants to work on our relationship but his actions say otherwise. Take for instance this week, on Monday he was home very late, 10.30pm on Thurday he went to the library to do some research and home again about 10.30. Friday after work he went to his friends for the weekend and said he would be home at 1pm today. Hes just texted to say it will now be 4pm. I feel hurt that he won't keep his word. He says hes going for something to eat with his friend. last time he went out the same thing happened, didn't come home until 7pm the following day. I'm tired of being taken advantage of, he says i'm controlling yet i see it as having respect for your other half. keep your promises, that is all i'm asking, didn't even mind him going away but i think seen as he was not at home 4 evenings this week with me and kids, its not too much to expect him home at 1 today like he said
Need Advice
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on Feb 7 2018 at 18:51
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Your husband has defined this marriage. And, guess what? HE is setting the time and terms. That's not "working on" the marriage.

His work schedule sounds crazy. What does he do to stay out so long? Why is he spending weekends with friends?

How long have you been married? Children's ages?

Need Advice
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on Feb 16 2018 at 15:49
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Your husband is playing you for a fool. He spends his weekends with his friend, takes his friend out to eat, goes to the Library at 10:00pm for research?? You feel bad because he won't keep his word about when he'll be home??? He then tells you; your controlling!

What type of job does he have where he does not come home for 4 days??

I don't any wife who would put up with this crap.. Why are you so accommodating? Do you work? How many children do you have? Who is this friend?

Do you believe he's cheating?

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