Dating a professor

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on Feb 16 2018 at 23:15
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Relationship advice forum category advice forum category So after the first date I texted him first saying thx for choosing the nice cafe it was an honour to talk to u professor Xyz ! And he replied It was my pleasure xxx.Would love to meet again sometime if u'd like. Enjoy ur New Years celebrations!

he’s being polite or he reli wanna meet me again ?

He is a prof but not in my school plus I graduated for several years...

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on Feb 16 2018 at 23:16
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Our first date is an hour he asked about my parents job , where I live food travel etc.
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on Feb 19 2018 at 12:10
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Unless you can call him by his first name, he will always be Professor X - and will treat you like a former student.

Ask him to a play or other social event. Get on the same level - man and woman.

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