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No idea what to do

I don't know what is the issue with me, my husband and circumstances. All the time I remain irritated, not ready to face any changes. One issue I am facing due to change of location due to my husband job, due to family my husband change the place, now I am the one who have to deal with everything my family, my job, my small baby, inlaws, and the place we are right now is filled with numerous relatives, due to which sometimes on daily basis functions going on. Due to which I have no time for myself, can not even sleep properly, as whenever got time have to do my work (doing work from home). It is only one month of shifting (and I know that now husband will not move any other place due to family) I am feeling completely exhausted, as working hours of husband is more then 12 hours, so obviously not having time for us. Beside this issue, another issue is with my husband, I don't know why he keeps on talking to his female friends, whenever I asked him he do not take me seriously, saying it is quite normal, he does not see whether it is late night. I am loosing trust on him, and sometimes become angry so much that affect my work. I trust no one, so never share my problems, but now I am totally frustrated, don't know what to do

No idea what to do

It sounds like you are under immense stress. Lack of sleep is not good for a new mother. How is it that your living situation became like this? Is this your husband's way of having relatives take care of you while he works? Do you have an elder or religious leader or women's health center where you could sit and talk about all these issues? Then you and your husband need to have a serious talk and you must express your unhappiness with the situation. It sounds like this move was done without your input!

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