Road accident wound remedy. help please!

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on Feb 27 2018 at 01:57
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Health advice forum category advice forum category My girlfriend and I got into a motorbike accident about four days ago in Siargao Island. The road was dark and muddy, and the bike just went out of control. We don’t really have severe wounds but I can’t really say we only walked away with scratches. I have wounds on my left hand with moderate pain in my right torso. My gf, on the other hand, has a big wound on her knee and another one on her elbow.

We immediately applied first aid treatment on our wounds. Applied some Betadine solution and did hot compress. We’re both wondering what else to do for the daily maintenance. How often do we need to dress our wounds? Do I need to do hot compress on my torso daily? We’re out of Siargao already and in Davao to support her brother who’s attending an asian date tour so any medication is already accessible. Thanks guys!

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Are there no pharmacies there? Ask a pharmacist, or go see a doctor.