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Scared of rumor

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on Feb 28 2018 at 15:15
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Relationship advice In 2013 I had a boyfriend and some months after we broke up I met another guy. (in 2014) We were together but not really it was more for fun. One day he said, I heard something about you but I'm not going to tell you, maybe later. One night after sex he told me, the thing I heard about you is that you have a std (herpes). I was shocked, I never thought I had this disease, I said who told you this, he said the name of a guy that I did not even know.

Turns out, the guy who told him was a friend of my first boyfriend. First off I was confused and sad and why would this guy even sleep with me if he heard this rumor? It ended with this guy.

Now it is 2018 and I still get paranoid if i think about meeting new guys, what if they know about this crazy rumor and I can't stop thinking about it. Two weeks ago I was at a party and saw the guy who spread the rumor and he had this nasty smile on his face. How to stop thinking that this stupidity is taking over my (love)life?

Scared of rumor
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on Mar 1 2018 at 03:00
Member since: 01 March 2018
Not sure how old you are but if you don’t have herpes then it should not be an issue. I can understand how that might have made you feel back in 2014 but you need to move on. You can’t control what other people think or say you can only control what you do. Love yourself and realize that a rumor will never define who you are!
Scared of rumor
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on Mar 2 2018 at 14:24
Member since: 18 November 2017
I can understand how hurt you are that this untrue rumor was spread about you. We have no control over what people say about us. You have been hurt, but the person who spread the rumor is hurting too. For some reason, he feels that he needs to hurt you and instead of talking to you, he spreads the rumor. Since you can’t change what has happened, you need to work on letting it go. How would you feel talking to the guy who spread the rumor? Would it be worth your effort to confront him about this? When we continue to focus on the same thing over and over, we can lose sleep and our health. Once you are able to deal with this and let it go, you will be better. When you meet someone who is truly worth meeting, he won’t care about a rumor. He will care only about you.

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