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I need help

i feel really lost. i'm constantly looking for others to give me love that i don't give to myself. i don't trust myself, i doubt without stopping. sometimes i fake my behaviours just to hide my emotions and my feelings. i'm really tired of myself, i need help. i always have a lot of pain and fear of not being loved. i can't live with that anymore.i would like to be like others so confident and loving myself unconditionally even when i'm not perfect. i'm not happy i really want to change... miho

I need help

Hello Miho, I'd like to offer my help, but I'll need you to answer some questions for me. To begin, it sounds like you don't have enough respect for who you are as a person. Let me know if I understand you correctly in that regard. You said that you don't trust yourself. Why don't you trust yourself? What mistakes or wrongs are you afraid of doing? Give me some specific examples please. I'll start with those questions. I'll have more to ask you later, but that's what I have to ask you for now. I look forward to helping you. MrGold

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