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A whole lotta mess

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Emotional advice Hi all, I'm just going to jump right in. I've been feeling down about a number of things in my life. normally i can be positive and look past them but sometimes it just gets to me. i think it'll be easier if i just list the problems.

things like:
- i've been unemployed for some time and i'm struggling to find work
- i get anxious about lots of things e.g. i'm doing driving lessons and as soon as i book a lesson i start feeling nerves even though my instructor is good and my driving is improving.
- i've never been in a relationship and the more i think about it or if there's someone i like, it gets harder and i basically can't do anything in those situations.
-i have two younger brothers both bigger than me and with deeper voices, people are often surprised that i'm the oldest which makes me insecure sometimes. even had people say i sound 15 (i'm 22)
-one of my brother is working, and passed his theory the first time while it took me too many times to say, so i feel like my parents subconciously compare him to me.
-i don't have much confidence or self esteem if that wasn't obvious.

i'm just trying to find the best ways to tackle this and live my life. thanks.

A whole lotta mess

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You are going to “jump right in”?

That shows you have the energy and willingness to deal with these issues that bother you. Good start.

Get some counseling from a male therapist who can help you sort out your self esteem issues and help adjust your vision.

(You sound like you might respond to rational therapy)

Good luck!

A whole lotta mess

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Hello OHMYFODAYS: You mentioned that your younger brothers are both bigger than you and have deeper voices than you. If you are still following your thread, any thoughts of why this happens to be so, that they are bigger than you and with deeper voices? (I have thoughts on the matter, if you are interested, following your answer)

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