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When is no answer actually an answer?

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on Mar 26 2018 at 22:52
Member since: 26 March 2018
Relationship advice Me: "Do you still love me, do you care, do you even really want to be married to me?"

Him: "I do love you"

Am I over-interpreting here to think that by not answering that last question, he was actually answering it?

When is no answer actually an answer?

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on Mar 27 2018 at 02:58
Member since: 27 December 2013
Three HuGE questions!

Most guys can’t process that much ...

You got the most important one answered. Go from there.

One step at a time.

When is no answer actually an answer?

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on Mar 28 2018 at 17:46
Member since: 25 March 2018
Hello CRANBERRY: better ask one question at a time. He may have heard only the first but not the second and the third. People hear something and then have a conversation with themselves about what they heard, be it a question or not. You know, the running commentary in our heads...

This is why, if you want a response for a particular item, bring up only that item and then wait.

When is no answer actually an answer?

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on Mar 29 2018 at 06:53
Member since: 23 May 2017
he answered by ignoring. like most guys there's no benefits to marriage unless you cross your legs to him and tell him you will spread them after he proposes to you.

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