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Relationship hardships

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hello I'm in a gay relationship with my man c we been together for an year and half we met and immediately starting dating and I basically moved in with him the first week my lease in my apartment ended and I was going to my sister place till I could find a place but he offered me to move in and I did at first it was sweet and easy until all the stuff happened to summarize it I lied to him a lot I introduced him to people I had history with in the past and lied to him about when we were at the bar people came up to me and i didn't introduce him which was disrespectful in Christmas I text my ex with a single text saying merry Christmas and he found out later on I lied to him about my friend which I had kissed in the past but in a non romantic way I felt like it wasnt worthy of saying but obviously I was wrong I didn't do most of this with intention I just never really thought about them till they happened till this day he says bitterly or when angry that he has no respect or trust for me which I understand since I did hurt him and he doesn't listen to me anymore on our heated conversation he has criticized me and choked me as well even now we get in to toxic fights every now and then but he is a good person he provides me with a lot of stuff and takes care of my need he's caring and passionate too and I try to do the best for him as well but now are communication is suffering too I feel like I have to walk on eggshells because one little mistake and he snaps and brings up the past all over again to the point i can't say anything anymore i do care for him and i want us to be ok and happy but i don't know how to make the toxic go away which is why I'm posting here today any advice will be appreciated and i thank you for taking the time to read this

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