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Emotionally abused by my wife

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Wife controls me.
With hold sex and tells me I'm a sex addict and I have bipolar. It goes on...
I'm just to scared to leave due to kids and potentially seeing her with another man.
Feel I'm weak as a man.
She also has a slight achohol problem...which is my doing

Emotionally abused by my wife

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Why are you allowing her to cuckold you? If you were more manly and aggressive she would back off. Is she the primary bread winner in family? If you continue to be weak she will make you watch her beings studded by another man and make you clean up him and her after as a sissy husband. even ask you to have oral and anal sex with her stud. You need to reassert your male dominant role quickly to save your marriage and family.

Emotionally abused by my wife

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You mentioned having kids. They are observing the dynamic between you and your wife: one has the power, the other does not. One enforces power, the other submits. One who appears strong, the other appearing weak.

Of your children, one may end up like you, submissive in life and in relationships. Another may choose to be unlike you and will take on your wife's way: make others submissive, intimidated, weak.

It doesn't make for a better world, does it? A better world is about Win-Win relationships, partnerships where power is shared, where fairness and justice takes place.

I do hope you change your marital situation and if you cannot, exit it, and become strong outside of it, choosing Win-Win relationships. That would be something of such benefit to your children, a great benefit for their well being.


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