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Other advice I was a little different from my childhood, I wanted to be an army officer, but unfortunately I couldn't . Since childhood days there were many boys in my friends, so I have never felt a different attraction towards boys. I started going to school and went to the college and then the university, I did not change my mind. All of my family's loved ones have had love marriage and they are very happy. When I first said them that I did not want to get married they did laugh at me, thinking that I was kidding but after some years they realized that I was serious about this. Now when I talk to them, all they talk about is marriage. They do not mean that they are now forcing me to get married , they want me to think about marrying now and want me to date someone. But for me, marriage,relationship is like a burden what would not let me live freely and it seems to me that I am happy living alone. I never think that I needed someone. Now the people of the house and friends say the same thing throughout the day, despite knowing that my mood swings when I talk about it. I am becoming a mental patient in day by day because of this. I am not harming anyone or doing anything wrong, do not I have the right to live like I want to?


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Yikes! What century are these people living in?

Accept absolutely no pressure to get married. If needed, move to another country or place where you won’t get stigmatized because you are single.

You can be a great aunt, in law, daughter, cousin, niece, sister - even a parent, if you choose.

You don’t have to be a wife to be complete.

PS I have two daughters. One age 42, never married. Another 50, divorced. They are vibrant, beautiful women who like men and have special people in their lives, but don’t feel they need to be married.


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Hello Nameless Girl:

You wrote: "for me, marriage, relationship is like a burden what would not let me live freely and it seems to me that I am happy living alone"-

Relationships, marriages are too often indeed a burden to those in it, being in a trap of sorts. Maybe you observed such at home, the marriage between your parents, marriages in family, elsewhere, and you don't want to be in such a trap. If you observed happy relationships only, you would probably want to be in one, I am thinking.

What do you think?


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