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I need advice on my ex

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Relationship advice Hi everyone
I need non judgemental advice from someone who is not emotionally involved. I have not seen my partner for 4 weeks, his choice, he says he loves me but as I wouldn’t move in with him he sees our relationship on hold, I have two children, living at home , in there 20s who are both at university so am financially responsible. I spend 2-3 nights at home the rest at his but it’s not enough. We have had a tough 2 years with a legal matter concerning his business so it’s been no fun. Also he would not get rid of an ex who regularly claimed undying love, she said he made her believe there was a future. She ended up walking away,
I’m dying inside, I feel bereft and a mess,I love him so much but his keeping me in limbo is destroying me. I want to make everything right yet this is all a mess I feel I should just walk away from him and recover but I can’t find the strength

I need advice on my ex

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Probably not best to move in when this relationship is not at its best.

An “ex” who thinks that she was led to believe they had a future? Legal and financial problems with his business? These are two red flags! Don’t be pressured.

No harm in telling him you are not ready to make any decisions. Then sit back and watch how all this unfolds.

Keep your independence for a while and see how he sorts out everything. P S: you said “we” had to go thru this legal issue. Are you a business partner? It sounds like you have financial assets. Be sure to protect them and keep them for your later years.

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