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Need advice to plan ahead

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Emotional advice What do I make of this? There is this man in my gym who secretly looks at me daily while working out; he also tries to use a machine near me. Although he knows quite a few people but he doesn’t speak to anyone or even look at anyone.
I spoke to him about his workout about 3 days ago he was very sweet and interested. Post that we have merely greeted each other but not exchanged another word.he continues to slyly look in my direction! What do I make of this behaviour? Does he like me?

Need advice to plan ahead

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Hello Robin3073:

I don't know if he likes you. You have suggested nothing that leads me to think that he dislikes you.

The fact that he looks in your direction though, this gives me no evidence of anything at all because people often look in this or that direction but they don't really pay attention to what is in front of them, they are busy thinking what they are thinking, nothing to do with what is happening right there and then, and they so happen looking this way or that way.

Often we only imagine they are looking at us, and we only imagine there is an intent in the look.


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