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Husband has female BFF

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Relationship advice I recently found out that my husband has been texting a female friend daily and I'm very uncomfortable with it. I tried to talk to him about it but he actually got mad at me for snooping and said I couldn't be trusted. He said talking to her is like talking to any guy friend and if they wanted to date they could have a long time ago. They've been friends since childhood but only really good friends recently. I tried to put it all past me but I am having a really hard time with it.
Tonight he was texting her all night long while we were out with friends and she was with her friends. And he seemed to be trying to hide it from me, maybe because he knows I'm uncomfortable with it but I'd be more comfortable if he was just honest about it. I do not think he's cheating I'm just not comfortable with how close they seem to be. I want to trust him and I want to move on... looking for some help...

Husband has female BFF

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I don't think it matters how long they have been friends for whether she's a childhood friends or not, fact is, it's making you uncomfortable.

Even if he was angry with you for snooping he should of reassured after you and something made you snoop. People usually get angry when they know they are in the wrong.

Don't like it that he was texting her a lot during a night out with you and friends. Not only rude but why? Was he bored? Wanted to be somewhere else?

My dad very recently left my mum for a 'friend' he knew since medical school, who he claimed for years they were just friends ...and turns out they weren't! Not saying he is cheating but just look out for more signs and don't be scared to question him, talk and get reassured.

Husband has female BFF

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Hello Katie103:

The fact that he knew before and during the night out with friends that you know about his texting with the other woman, and that you are bothered by it, and he texted with her openly, knowing you know, during the night, suggests to me that he may be trying to hurt you, to cause you pain. It is possible that his motivation is not a closeness he is sharing with the other woman but more of him trying to bother you.

If this is a possibility in your mind, has he been angry with you prior to this texting problem?


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