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My friends boyfriend tried to kiss me, help?

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Relationship advice Hey so I have an issue and would like some advice . my friend and her boyfriend are all close , they are moving out of the home we share and switching to a different crew so we will have opposite days off. They basically bailed on the lease we had and with miscommunication we got in a very ugly fight. Her boyfriend .Is always very calm aand rational so took over because my friend becomes very self centered and childish and unreasonable really. On our way home he asked if I'd like to have some beers and chat about everything, I agreed and we drank and he vented about his relationship after we talked about everything else
He toldtold me my friend didn't want to live with me because she didn't trust me with what j was saying to her boyfriend! I was angry because I always have helped her, whenwhen she relapsed when she was homeless ...I was always the one to try and build her up .I was reevaluating my friendship with her at this point and he further told me she becomes abusive with him .And in arguments will duno drinks on him hit him etc .I wasn't shocked unfortunately and expressed my concern. We were both quite drunk now and we hugged and said we were going yo miss each other and was upset with how things turned out .We held for a while and then he grabbed my hand and held it. I have a boyfriend of 8 years who I love very much .So I considered this all just a act of friendship, foolish now that I look back .He then told me he believed I was his soul mate and we were meant to be together, i was shocked. I didnt want to hurt his feelings and. I told him I cared for him deeply but he needs to work on his relationship and although me and my bf fight we love each other. But maybe in a. Different world or of we met at a different time .He then tried to kiss me and I pulled away, he just said no ? And I said no I would never do that to my friend. Even if I'm upset with her that's not right. The next day he acted nirmal and watched a show with me .I wonder if he may of blacked out and can't remember .

I feel filled with guilt and shame .I shouldn't of been so close with him and maybe shouldn't of hugged him or let him touch my hand. I do not want to tell my friend or boyfrboyfriendboyfrboyfriend for fear of the drama. Im considering just removing both of them from my life and letting it go .What do you think? Was I in the wrong as well ?Should I tell or should I just keep it to myself? My friend is no angel and I hold a secret for her becausr at work she started falling for a guy and said if he touched her she would lose control. And. Couldn't stop him ,she was very flirty but as far as I know nothing happened but still. They both are toxic and I have a feeling if I told it would cause a huge fight but they'd stay together and the solution would be end it with me anyways . Thanks fofor any help !

My friends boyfriend tried to kiss me, help?

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How about just stepping back and seeing how things work out - without getting involved in any way?

What happened between you and friend's BF can be put to rest. It didn't happen and meant nothing and it will do no good to tell his GF.

They will be moving soon and you will then be able to have a full relationship with your BF. If you don't feel really good about that, then reassess what you have. But don't get involved in other people's lives.

(You seem angry at your friend. She's got a good guy, (whom even you admire) and does not treat him right. Perhaps it's best to distance yourself from her at work, too. Time to move on.)

My friends boyfriend tried to kiss me, help?

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1. Don't mind them
2. Leave them off your life TOTALLY
3. Move on
4. Enjoy life

Good luck!


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