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Is it acceptable

Need some relationship advice. I have been with my man for almost a year. And I love him to death but there are a few things I don't feel right about. Before we got together I slept with someone else. He knows about it and he uses it against me everytime we fight. But since we have been together he has tried getting back with his exam wife. I found out on thanksgiving day. Then in January he found out about what I had done. And he used that to talk to other girls. We finally got passed that. Then I caught him on several dating websites and he claims "he was looking for me". Which I really don't believe. Now we have social media and I'm not allowed to have any guy friends (not that I want to )period. He went thru and deleted and blocked anyone he wanted. But on his social media he has all kinds of girls but doesn't want to get rid of them because he trying to start a YouTube channel and wants the followers. Its hard for me to trust that. What do I do?

Is it acceptable

Hello Steelersgurl: I don't understand, "before we got together I slept with someone else". If this happened before you and him started a committed relationship, why is this a problem for him? You wrote: "everytime we fight"- I am a believer in not fighting in the context of what should be a loving relationship. Aggression and love do not go together. It is possible to solve problems and resolve conflicts assertively, not aggressively. Waiting for your answer, if you would like to answer, that is. anita

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